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    Auteursrecht.nl provides clear and concise information about copyright and neighbouring rights, for creative makers as well as for users of protected works and performances. The ‘auteursrechtwijzer’ (copyright guide) answers questions and, if necessary, directs you to the right organisations. And why not also take a look at Auteursrechtvoorjou.nl, our children’s version of the site, where the most important copyright issues are explained to children aged 9-12. Both sites feature the short video ‘Auteursrecht in 2 minuten’. Find the English translation below:

    Dutch Copyright Federation

    The Dutch Copyright Federation is a cooperation of Platform Makers, Platform Creative Media Industry and VOI©E. The Federation is one of the few organisations in the world that represent all national categories of rightsholders in copyright and neighbouring rights. The Federation came into being in 2012, as a result of the statutory adaptation of the Dutch Copyright Foundation, which dates back to 1984.
    Platform Makers consists of professional associations of authors and performing artists. Platform Creative Media Industry is an association of trade organisations of publishers and producers of creative content. VOI©E is the trade organisation of collective management organisations (CMOs) in the Netherlands, and represents 17 CMOs.

    The Federation’s main objectives are to enhance and strengthen copyright’s appreciation by society, and to protect and improve the rightsholders’ position. Each of the Federation’s three affiliates independently prepares its policies regarding its specific area of interest. In the setting of the Federation the three affiliates discuss issues of common interest and try to attune their individual policies. Also, they decide whether collective action is required or desired on specific subjects.

    The general tasks of the Federation can be summarized as follows:
    - development and promotion of common views;
    - exchange of information and provision of a platform for coordinated action;
    - public information on and promotion of copyright and neighbouring rights.
    In addition, the Federation has the special task of arranging the financial conditions for collective enforcement of rights.

    Board and Council of Affiliates
    The Federation is a foundation with three affiliates, which are represented in the board by three members each. The presidency of the board rotates. Furthermore, the associates of the constituting platforms can influence the policy making by participating in the Council of Affiliates, which approves the Federation’s budget and activity plans.

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